Human Resource Services


Employee Relations

  • Development of ER policies and procedures.
  • Joint development of ER strategies
  • Training and advising of Supervisory staff in application of discipline.
  • Mediation of labour disputes
  • Facilitation of joint management and union workshops to resolve issues and/or improve working relationships
  • Advice on, and training for, dealing with cases before the CCMA
  • Advice to management on general ER issues effecting or likely to affect the business.
  • Developing, implementing and administering employee satisfaction / climate surveys. Regular analysis and recommendations flowing from such surveys.
  • Analysis of and recommendations on eradication of discriminatory practices, whether overt or perceived.

Personnel Services

  • Development of HR policies and procedures

  • Setting staffing levels and complements
  • Development of performance management systems.
  • Implementation and administration of performance management systems.
  • Assisting in establishing remuneration policies and strategies
  • Developing appropriate skills retention strategies

Employee Development

  • Develop Training and development strategies and policies
  • Establishment of succession planning, career paths and staff development plans.
  • Linking career planning and development needs to performance management.
  • Coaching managers in management and HR skills and competencies
  • Determine training needs and assist in selecting and sourcing accredited trainers.


  • Develop a recruitment and selection procedure, aligning this with BEE requirements
  • Administration of advertising, screening applicants, setting interviews, rating applicants and process of final selection
  • Compiling offers of employment
  • Establish induction programs and develop exit interview process (feeding into the retention policy)


  • Development and implementation of communication strategies
  • Auditing of the efficacy of internal communication.
  • Coaching managers / supervisors on personal communication skills.
  • Establishing briefing systems and staff newsletters.
  • Facilitation of role clarity sessions within departments and management groups